Hello Again Everyone.

Date: 29th October 2017

Time: 17:37pm UK Time


hello everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to do another update from me , and to answer a lot more of comments etc.


my games I play.

the games I play right now more offen is Warframe, Star Trek Online, Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator. Pirate Galaxy (browser game), darkoribit(browser game), farming Simulator 2017 and 2015. Freelancer with the Underverse Mod


so the games above I have been playing a lot. some days and times I wont be available to play games (see below),


Mon to Friday(10pm UK time), I am available for games.



Friday Night 10pm(uk Time) to like midnight UK Time. and Saturday Night from 7pm(uk Time) to 10pm(uk Time) and Sunday 7pm(uk Time) to 10pm(uk Time)

the times and days above I will be hosting events in a old game called freelancer with a mod called Underverse. Underverse is based around the riddick films etc.

so please do forgive me if I am not around at the time when you need me that quick,redline03.gif

also I am slowly getting around on twitch and back to the channels,

some I have stopped because of personnel reasons, most I still go to, but I havent been to your channel yet, please do bare with me as I will still trying to get back to a normal times of when everyone goes live, as a lot of the ones I follow goes live at the same time as everyone else, and when that happens, I choose at random who I am going to watch.

but I will get around to you,

so until then of my next news, I wish you to stay safe, and god bless. and keep up the great work you all do.

piece out and god bless


kind regards


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