Hello Again Everyone.

Date: 23rd August 2017

Time: 04:34am UK Time


I hope you all are well, and I know a lot of you may miss me.

if you read my last news report which tweeted out 2 weeks ago  then you know why,

this is a update

I will be back, but like I said I have taken time out from twitch for a while and also twitter itself.


when I do come back , I don't want to be modded stright off, I want to earn it like everyone else, that's how what I perfer. but as I said to a lot of other people, I don't aim to be a mod, my aim is to be there and helpful as and when needed, and if I need to post a link I send it to a mod and they can review it and post or permit me :)


as for my streaming, I have decided not to stream again due to all the complaints I have had a few weeks ago. and with my pc as it is , it wouldn't be a good idea or smooth stream, it would shite as they say

for gaming, I will be playing my own games, so even if say I was a mod for someone and your mods has to have the same games as you then I wont accept the roll, I will be staying a normal viewer in your channel. but please remember it maybe a game I cant run anyway.

so I will just play my usual games, and if that makes me a traitor. so be it...

I will just play the games that I know will run on my pc.


so until then piece out to and all and stay safe. I will return but I don't know when yet.


also the only form of contact to me right now is steam.


kind regards


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