Hello Again Everyone.

current date is the 23rd July 2017

 Current time of News: 11:55pm UK Time

firstly I like to apologise I not been streaming for a while. lets just say this is down to

personnel reason and so on,

 also if I have upset, annoyied, turned anyway one, away or just damn right got things wrong, please do forgive me,

also this news is not pointing at no one, this is just a general news from em

also if you find that I am onlonger a mod in your channel(s), this is because I mod to many I decided to cut my channels down I mod for so now I only mod like 30 channels, as most of the channels I mod for most of them either don't stream or I don't know who they are and I don't even follow, or they stopped streaming and not seen them for ages.

so I have un modded my self from a lot of channels. but I still follow u all.

but don't worry I still love ya all and will always be around. also I have unmodded a lot of people on my channel aswell, that has been cleaned out. oh also a couple of u had bots in my channel which has also been unmodded for now.


now I am planning on returning to stream maybe in August time or sept, depends on if I can get rid of my dad or when he goes again as I cant stream when hes here. so please do bare with me and I will be returning to streams again


kind regards


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