Hello Again Everyone.


Well I been doing a lot of thinking in the last few weeks.

and been spending time on my own doing my own thing, I been thinking of things like I am unwanted by a lot of people. some people think useles, my designs are not the way they act of saying things like it's a maze, it's a box, and no one wanted my help in a few various games, and then I answered . and then said, I don't want you daz, and that's basicly got me really upset. and now I just feel welcomed or wanted anymore.

my rep you could say is like a bank balance,. I am in way down into the red and no hope of getting it back into the top.

this also leads onto my twitch streaming.

everytime I stream I don't hardly no one come in. ok I don't stream as much these days, I know a few other streamers, that stream less than me and they get like 30 viewers and were I don't get none. to me when theres no one in my channel. I think why do I bother. its one things with me aswell. that I do get upset,

ok you may say, grow up. and don't act like a child. I have feelings aswell, everyone has feelings,

I try and be respectful, and some don't want to know even when I am not prolite, 99% I am prolite, respectful.

My Streams have been going down hill for the past year since I had a problem with one streamer who basicly told lies about me and spreaded rumors about me.


this is lending me right now to a new path and hope it works out.

I am getting towards changing my name, changing my twitch and the bot, and everything else that I got as darkdaz accept for steam but a lot will be changed my steam.

the steam will either be changed or removed.

and of you subs if you are of my subs, that will also be removed and not broguht online again until further notice.

I won't anyone when I change expect the ones I am subbed to and also modded on,

because my rep is damaged, hell I am even getting the feelings on various amounts places.

also my twitter will shut down if and when I decide to change my name. I will do a fresh start.

I am not going to make any choices fully as of yet, I need to think more.



now your thinking, what the hell is wrong with me will read above,

also I not been well and people don't seem to care in that respect, why do I bother, we just have see how it plays out..

now is a few channels I mod for that was earned and will get back to modding

I need to get my head sorted as I modded on a channel and I been there but me personnelly I don't feel I am doing a good job and not being there when I should be. you know who you are, I am going to say any names at all.

I need to get my head back in order again, I have spoken to them and they say I am doing a good job, but I disagree, I am not going to be unmodding my self with telling the channel owners and also there is a few channels that have me as mod but used to stream but don't stream.

when I do change my name my obs overlays and so on will be changed and will use my art work ok it maybe boring but mine is simple. and that's what I want. simply but clear. so please don't offer to do any more overlays for me. if I need anything of art work I will ask you..


and I think that's enough from me. as this has turned out to be like a speech essay so to speak..

so until my next up date. be cool be kind and I will see you all around. and love you all.


kind regards


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