Hello Again Everyone.

 ok everyone I got sad news for u all

and it's a bad day now

with all the mess ups in dayz today and no help when asked, and then I die, I have now uninstalled dayz standalone permently from now on and it wont be installed ever again,

and also it wont be installed again.

also had complains that I have a potato pc and I lag all the time. that has got to me aswell.

I know their was like others, but 99% of the time when I play and friends or players that have offered to be there, when I go and play their either working, asleep, streaming, playing other games or its to late for them.

as of now.

I am now going back to my passion of my regular games that I normally play.

so I am sorry if any one is mad at me, hey you will get over it.

so until then I get a better pc, which wont be in the near future with no funds, and no funds for anything eg just enough to pay my bills.

your just have bare with my crap games and also my rubbish streaming, and also on that note of streaming I may be changing my name completely again and I will only tell the ones I mod for and sub to of what that will be. but I havent fully decided what my name will be.


kind regards


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