Hello Again Everyone.

Date: 10th November 2017

Time: 21:02pm UK Time


Attendation Everyone:

With a hack I had Twitter today. and then sents out a link to all of my followers. and that's made me feel unfriended by a few.

I have decided to shut my twitch and twitter down,


so with that in mind. my twitch and my twitter will be shut down, as I think it's a nightmare that has returned from the past (about 3 months ago). that's what I think it is, and I have lost a couple of friends today already over it.


so right now I will not be twitter for a bit , if you need to contact me. you can contact me via steam if you have me as friends, and also on my forums. in this topic directly with out registering.

please tho make sure to put a nickname so I know who it is :) :)


I am so sorry it has come to this tho, but I will be sending private messages to those that I mod for, so if you want to mod me on that new account on twitch. its up to you, I think its just time for a fresh start...

but I will be keeping my discord anyway and steam as I none of the crap I had involved them.


so until my next news, I wish u god bless and much love piece out and lots of love.


I will leave the twitter account and twitch account active for the next 24 hours after that they will be shut down and new accounts will be created.



piece out and god bless


kind regards


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