Hello Again Everyone.

current date is the  07th August 2017

 Current time of News: 11:31am UK Time

Its that time again for me to another update from me.

I was going to put this out sooner but decided to wait.

before I tell you all what is on my mind, I like to apologise in advanced. and this news is not pointing at NO ONE at all. it's a general feeling for me only and I have been upset by it, so please don't take it personnely, and no it has nothing to do with the streamers at all. sorry not saying no names, as it wouldn't be right.

in the last few weeks, a lot has happened with me on twitch, I have had a lot of complaints, which has really got to me.

and it has really pissed me off, but I haven't put out there in streams , as its not the place for it, I have spoken to a couple of people about it but that's it,


Gaming and PC: I have had compaints about my pc lagging in games when I play with them, and my internet is rubbish, this is why I now have backed off with playing with others and just playing on my own. or do my usual games.

Ok I may not have the latest PC like everyone else has like I7 cpu, 32gb ram, and the latest best GPU compaired to everyone else, to play a lot of games at full, I still run them at low settings,


Me Modding other channels: I also have received a lot of complaints from everywere, Facebook, twitter dm, twitch pm and whispers, theres been about 20 compaints of those lots that basicly threaten me with a lot of different things. which I have reported them for it(but nothing has been done, replies from my reports was basicly saying I faked them all), but they have basicly got me down so hard I have bottled them up and not told no one. and also I have noticed laterly, since I have unmodded myself, the streamers are getting more viewers , so I think I will go completely off twitch for a while, as I can see I am the cause of the viewers going down, and the damage to channels is me being there even as a mod or not. for now going to take a big big big time out from twitch and do some thinking,


so as result of this , and because of other reasons, mainly of I don't spend that much time the channels, and or don't watch enough of you, in which case I have unmodded my self from a lot more channels. plus my health isnt to good, but not a lot of people care, some do,

the good thing from me, I have learned a lot since I joined twitch from you all so I have decided not to mod no one every again, those that think my modding is great I have still unmodded my from the channels, as I want the threats, complaints to stop, still get a few every other day.

yes you have won, I might come back to twitch but for me of modding wise. theres rules I follow for all streamers in general, and they are, I need to be in the channel alot, be helpful to everyone and streamer(s), be respectful, and earn the right to mod on the streamers choice, now my aim as I have said on various times, that my aim is not to be a mod, aim is to be helpful when ever I can, and be there. to me a mod position is a honor ok it's a job aswell, but its more of a honor for me.

a lot of channels, I was given mod, without earning the role.,

with all this above, I have decided for a while , that I will be in the hiding for now, how long ? , no idea, also when I do come back I will either change my name or make a new accounts, that I need to do some more thought on that.

so I would like just to say, those who I have modded on twitch in the last 2 years, its been a honor being your mod, and thank you letting me help you in regards to commands, info and anything else you can think of., it has been a honor serving. but I have now unmodded my self from I think the last count was 25 channels I did this week...

so I think I maybe down to like 5 channels of something I cant remember, I am just waiting for a few days for a website to update.


so until I have done a completely think through and decided on a few things, you wont see or be able to contact me on twitch, btu you may see me in games I play, which is now star trek online, ark sometimes mp mode of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator and sometimes dreadnought and world of warships, everyone have fun and stay safe. see ya all around....

oh one more thing, I may decide to come out of some discord channels aswell as I think everyong is getting me pissed off with on a lot of discord servers aswell.


also sory it has come to this, but I have thought this through a lot , the complaints and threats and pushed my choice. good bye for now twitch.


 PIECE OUT and LOTS OF LOVE to you all.

kind regards


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