Hello Again Everyone.

Date: 05th October 2017

Time: pm UK Time


I know I did say I was going to be back in september but alof stuff has been happening, and I have just been doing my own thing in other games and places.


but I have got good news.

I have managed to get access to my twitter again have caught up on the messages and so on. so I now have that back again, but still going though all the messages and so on.


now let me make this clear. if I had a problem with anyone I would of gone to them directly not to someone else behind there back, but I not had any issues with the family on twitch. the complaints and threats I have had are from other people I used to know and spoke to before (lets just say) the whole group of friend that I meet in 2016, your all great and no problem with you all..

its other people I meet before when I first joined twitch that have found me and started to cause a lot of crap for me.


I am not going to say any names but the friends I meet in 2015 on wards I love you all and you know who you are.


so bare with me... while I get back to it :)


to answer a few questions or replies from a lot who have said about me modding.

since I did unmodded my self on all the channels. I been going though a lot as you all know..

so if you wish to remod me, then I would be honored but like I said before I un-modded myself because with all the crap I had, I felt it wasn't a good idea for me to remain a mod if I wasn't going to be on twitch for a while...

also as I said before I am honored when I was made a mod even if I didn't earn it that much, I was given the mod before another channel modded me.

so that is up to you ( the streamer(s) ) if you wish for me to be a mod again..

to all the streamers, the offer that has been on the table. if you need a temporary on at the time, and you can't get hold of your usual mods, but you need a mod there and then, then I am happy to be your temporary mod either until one of your usual mods come on or until the end of the current stream, of a understanding for me that the mod position will be removed up appearance of the usual channel mod(s) come on or until the end of the stream, by which next stream I will be a normal viewer.

also I would like to earn the mod position, general rules that I know for all channels, is be there in the channel, help out much as I can and also respect everyone in the channel including the streamer(s). and don't ask to be a mod. :)

some channels will have more rules will have extra rules to become a mod.

you all know I have respect for everyone and I don't aim to become a mod, my aim is to help the channel grow as much as I can, and if I am made a mod that's a personnel honor. and its always honored to become and mod when earned..

the other thing those I modded before, you want me to become mod again, that is up to you, and I will repect and honor your answer to that...

I will be keeping my main twitch account as everyone knows me on that, but I may change accounts for streaming...

so until the next news or time . take care everyone and love to you all..

piece out and god bless


kind regards


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