Hello Again Everyone.

Date: 04th June 2018

Time: 15:32pm UK Time


I thought I would let you all know I have had to cancel 2 twitch subs I was subbed to that was due to go out this week

this is due to a big bill has just come in and it needs paying

the two I have to cancel for now is Mr Blue and Queenie and also Stratus_b. but the ending dates of the benefits on canceled is like 3 to 4 days before I get paid so I should be ok when I get paid and renew them..


I do love all the streamers weather I am subbed or not, you all do bring great content, I do regret tho with work, I don't get a chance to watch all of them.

I know this sounds horrible but I think of unmodded from one channel that I was modded in a lot and there all the time, I would unmodded my self due to work. so in a way and no disrespects to them thank you for the time of letting being your mod, you know who you are and not going to say who.

but I still love them all. hopefully when I do get work sorted and if they feel or decide to remod me that is up to them, but they so mods now. they don't need me now. I do wish them luck with the streams.


also I will now focus of modding on the other channels I am modded on also..


also another thing, if you are new streamer or you need help on modding your channel temporaryly or help with a bot.

I am happy to help if you wish..

which I have done for a lot of streamers get basic commands in there bots like nightbot or moobot or streamlabs bot,

do hit me up on twitch, twitter, or discord.

and no this is not a hint to mod me either, even if u have other mods in the channel they may not know how to do the commands, I will keep the mod badage temporary and remove it when I am done, :) :)


so until then piece out to and all and stay safe.


kind regards


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