Hello Again Everyone.

Date: 03rd September 2017

Time: 15:32pm UK Time


Will I thought it was a good time to give you all a update.

after being away from home, I will be back on Monday, your still have to give me time, as I will need to go though all my messages on twitch and twitter if any.


as I said in my last few updates, I have been taking a break after a lot of rubbish I been getting, most of which I have really got to me, so I been away from home for a while. please do base with me.


current plains:

I will be going back to my old game days now before I came on twitch aswell. like freelancer with the underverse mod, which you can find all the information at this website:

other games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, Star Trek Online, and many other games.

ARK will be the weekends right now. so you will have to bare with me let me carry one.


and also I will be resuming my duties as server admin on a dayz server.

as I need to get back in to that, but I will be making priorities of my time and games, so if I am in game, I wont have my focus on dayz server admining, thank you for your understanding

so until then piece out to and all and stay safe. I will return


also the only form of contact to me right now is steam.


kind regards


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