List is a bit out of date but has been added and will be updated and redone when I get a chance


These are a list of current games I own, but I have got a few more since then so please bear with me while I get them added.

Star Trek Bridge Commander Ship List-Click for more InformationThis is my Bridge Commaner Ship List. Click the button to view the list

@ = games work ok on my pc

Games coloured Green are new


Airport Tycoon 3@

American McGee: Scrapland

Anno 1503@

Anno 1602 Normal and Gold Editions@

Anno 1701-4 discs, in rar Format

Car Tycoon@

Chasm The Rift@

Civilization 3@

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2-Yuri's Revenge@

Command and Conquer: Teberian Sun

Counter Strike 1.6, Half Life and Steam Full

Crazy Taxi@

Dawn of War

Dawn of War: Winter Assult

Dawn of War: SoulStorm

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

Deer Hunter 2004

Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza@


Doom 1,2,3,4@(all)

Earth 2140@, 2150: Moon Project@, 2160


Empire Eartah@

Final Doom@

Flight Unlimited 3


Future LAPD@

Halo Combat Envolved


Homeworld 2

Hostle Waters@

Hotal Giant@


Imperium Galatia 2@

Industry Giant 2(Normal)@

Industry Giant 2 Gold Edition@

Interstate'76 Nitro Riders@

Jurrassic Park Operation Genesis

Kohan II: Kings of War

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Lemonade Tycoon: 1@ and 2@

London Racer@

Mall Tycoon@

Max Payne 1 & 2

Midtown Madness 1@ & 2

Magic the Gathering Deluxe@

Medal of Honer Allied Assult plus addons of Breakthrough and Spearhead

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator

Microsoft Train Simulator@

Mortal Kombat 4@

Need for Speed 5: Porsche Unleased@

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Puzzle Express

Railroad Pioneer@

Rayman 2 the Great Escape

Rise of Nations

Roller Coaster Tycoon 1@,2@,3 plus RCT3 Addon Soaked

Railroad Tycoon 2

Ship Simulator 2006

Ship Simulator 2006 Collectors Edition

Serious Sam First Encounter@

Sierra 3D The Sims 2 Ultra Train Deluxe

Sim City 4@


Sonic Adventures DX@

Sonic Adventure 2 the Battle@

Star Craft with Blood Wars addon@

Swat 3@

The Simpsons Hit and Run

Theme Hospital@

Theme Park INC@

Theme Park World@

The Thing

Time of Defiance@

Thief Deadly Shadows@

Three Kingdom@ Fate of the Dragon@

Traffic Giant@

Trains and Trucks Tycoon@

Transport Tycoon Deluxe and The Down Under Addons@

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of  Lara Croft@

Tycoon City New York@

WarCraft 3 plus Addon Pack- Frozen Throne@

Worms Armageddon@

Wolfenstein: Emeny Territory with some addons@

Worms World Party@


Zoo Tycoon@ 




Sims Game

The Sims-Main Game@

Living It Up Expansion Pack@

Hot Date Expansion Pack@

Unleashed Expansion Pack@

On Hoilday Expansion Pack@

The Sims Vacation(in a cd zipped)@



More will be adding soon


Star Trek Games

Star Trek Armada 1@,2@

Star Trek Away Team@

Star Trek: Bridge Commander@

Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Fallen@

Star Trek Hidden Evil@

Star Trek New Worlds@

Star Trek: Starfleet Command: Gold Edition(and Orion Pirates)@

Star Trek: Starfleet Command 2: Empires at War@

Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3: TNG@

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 1@

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force 2@

Plus Expansion

Star Trek The Next Generation Klingon Honor Guard@


Star Wars Games

Star Wars: Force Commander@

  Star Wars: Galactic Battleground@

Star Wars Mysteries of th Sith@

Star Wars: Pod Racer@

 Star Wars: Jedi Academy@

Star Wars Republic Commando

Star Wars Jedi Knight 2

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2

Star Wars BattleFront 2


Games for Online Only

EVE Online-MPO

Gunz International-MPO

MU Online-MPO

Star Wars: Galaxies-MPO

World of Warcraft-MPO

Star Trek Online-MPO

Dayz Standalone -MPO

Conan Exiles-MPO




 I will be checking the games to check for sp etc please bear with me

SP = Single Player


MP = Multiplayer


SPO = Single Player Only,


MPO = Multiplayer Player Only